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  1. Hello Margaret
    I’m the Programme Secretary for Sheffield & District Family History Society and would be very interested to book you as a speaker for one of our talks in 2011 – could you email me please?
    Many thanks

  2. Can you please tell me whether you have researched The murder of a wife of (I’ve fogotten his first name) Armitage in Sheffied about 1928. He was acquitted . He was my husband’s uncle. I would like to buy the book if you have published it.
    Best. Kate Colgrave

  3. Hello Kate,

    No I am sorry, I havent done any research of Sheffield cases after the nineteenth century. But the staff at the central library in Sheffield are extremely helpful and the newspaper readers are easy to use. I did some research for a book by author Carol Ann Lee who was writing ‘A Fine Day for a Hanging’ just recently and it took very little time to find what I wanted. If you give them a ring and book a machine, they will show you how to work it. If you have the dates of the murder/trial it will make it easier still, otherwise you might have to trawl through a few newspapers to get what you want. The good thing is stuff like murders make headlines, so it should be easy to find.

    Good luck with your search and I hope that you find what you are looking for

    All the best


  4. Hi Margaret.
    I have read your book re R’ham Workhouse and have just finished Scamps and Scallywags.
    I live in London now and have spent 11 years researching my Family history. My maternal grandmother, Alice Graham, nee Otter/Hawksworth died in the workhouse in 1921. I can’t find out when she was admitted. Can you help me,p,lease?
    Malcolm Neale., born in Holmes in 1944.

  5. Hi Malcolm,
    I hope that you enjoyed reading both books.

    As for the workhouse records Im afraid I cant help you as they are all in the Rotherham Archives and Local Studies department. However if you contact them, they will be able to help you. I have always found them to be extremely helpful, so just drop them an email.

    Good luck with your search.


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