Rotherham’s Rogues and Villains.

Rotherham’s Rogues and Villains.

This book has six new cases, which have never been written about before concerning some of the rogues and villains of the town of Rotherham. The cases include:

– A sudden, unprovoked attack on an elderly man, by a younger one he befriended in Conisborough.
– A notorious Rawmarsh gang of robbers, which was only broken when four men of the village took the law into their own hands.
– Did an harassed servant girl take her revenge on her controlling mistress by poisoning her? Or was she completely innocent pawn?
– A massive jewel robbery, of which a man called ‘King Dick’ was strongly suspected, but for which no convictions were ever made.
– A couple who defrauded several locals into supplying them with goods, who were never convicted, and never repaid their debts!
– A disaffected solicitor’s clerk from Wath, who, in response to being sacked, maligned his ex-employers in placards, for all the world to see.

Also at the end you will find excerpts from a new book we intend to bring out in 2015. It is an Almanack of Crime in Victorian Rotherham which includes crimes for every day of the year. Find out if anything gruesome happened on YOUR birthday!

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