Miscreants and Murderers in Victorian Rotherham

Miscreants and Murderers in Victorian Rotherham

This is another book in the series of free / kindle e-books which we are hoping to bring out throughout the year, as a thank you to those people who regularly buy our books. The cases are as always true and have never been written about before.

Who would have thought that on the bridge which still holds an ancient chapel, a man was murdered for no reason at all. There is the case of a respectable farmer who impregnated his housekeeper and yet denied all knowledge of it, despite her statement to the contrary.

There is a compelling account of an embezzlement at Bentley’s Brewery, and the way in which the thief was detected, using common sense police methods, long before the development of the forensic science we have today. But the most terrible of all these, is the case of the brutal neglect of a father towards his daughter, who in his eyes, brought the ultimate shame to his door.

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