The Other Whitechapel Murder

The Other Whitechapel Murder

Years before the Jack the Ripper crimes, an equally gruesome murder took place in Whitechapel. A respectable businessman, Henry Wainwright was found with the chopped up remains his former mistress, in the company of his new mistress, Alice Day.

For a whole year the body remained hidden and Wainwright nearly got away with it.

The newspaper reading public were gripped, as they followed the twists and turns of the case. Crowds flocked to The Old Bailey, as the trial of the century was held by the highest legal authorities in the land. What makes this case even more special, is that amongst those who came to the court, were people from the highest circles of society, including barristers, Earls and notable ladies.

But even at the time there were doubts as to whether the real murderer was hanged…

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